40 June Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Readers

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 05-04-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

It is the end of the academic year and the start of a three-month-long summer vacation. In the past, children would go out and scrape their elbows and knees. But, with the rising temperatures, most of them are preferring to stay indoors.This provides a unique opportunity for marketers to create email newsletters for children, teenagers, & parents. Children’s toys, DIY crafts, parent-child bonding activities, summer games, and summer pool party-themed emails can be the perfect one for june newsletter ideas. 

Apart from that, there are a few notable observance days, like Father’s Day and Summer Solstice. So, We have created a detailed guide on June newsletter ideas with all the headlining events in June and even some obscure ones to help you craft the perfect email newsletter strategy for your brand. 

June Newsletters Themes

From a seasonal perspective, it is still summer, and a summer-themed email newsletter will work charms. But, most email marketers use June newsletters to target children and parents. Summer vacation is an excellent time for bonding activities and the same reflects in the majority of the newsletters. 

Let’s look at some of the notable design elements and themes for email newsletters.

1) Colorful Email Templates

Targeting parents, guardians and kids during summer vacations is the best method for increasing the engagement rates of your email newsletters. However, it is quite challenging to engage the forever distracted children. 

Using bring colors, funky fonts, and conversational tone in your emails helps retain their attention. Bright pictures, interactive elements, and animated videos can also be used to capture their attention. Adults’ attention can also be captured in a similar way. 

Paperless Post sends a pretty email newsletter on National Rosé Day which is celebrated every second Saturday of June. The template displays a beautiful glass of Rosé surrounded by pink roses. It is truly a striking newsletter. Furthermore, they have added a heads-up for the upcoming Father’s Day. 

1_Colorful email templates


2) Summer-Themed Email Templates

Seasonal summer-themed email templates perfectly tie in with the summer vacation. Unlike May templates, you do not have to dilute your template with spring colors. Soft pastel colors, light colors, shades of blue, brown, yellow, and red complete the color palette for summer. 

3) Creating Fun And Interesting Listicles. 

Since the children have a lot of free time, create lists of DIY projects and fun activities to keep them busy. The parents will be highly grateful for such listicles. Listing down parent-child bonding activities to do during those warm summer picnics encourages the parent to plan out outdoor escapades.

June Newsletter Trends

Newsletters about daycares, and from daycares, set the trend for June email newsletters for parents.

Daycares send details about the activities the children will learn during their stay. Some even recommend skills and attach the necessary materials to hone them. Remember, the activities should mention more about outdoor activities. 

Itineraries for field trips, explaining new outdoor activities, and nutrition tips will attract more open rates and perform better. 

For mid and high schoolers, send tips about protection against outdoor activities, such as regularly applying sunscreen. Preparing a list of parks in the locality, top games to play outside, bestselling books to read, and top quizzes to take. 

June Newsletter Subject Lines 


Of course, you can always use the tried and tested curiosity-inducing subject lines. But, going with event and newsletter-themed subject lines will get definitely get you more clicks.

Here are some relevant subject lines for observance days in June

  • “Got Milk?” is an appropriate subject line for World Milk Day
  • “Unwind with a hot bath” for World Bath Day
  • “Turn Up The Music” for World Music Day
  • “Here Comes the Sun” is perfect for World Beatles Day or a sunny day in June
  • “Dance to Purple Rain to wash your blues away” is an amazing subject line to celebrate Prince’s birthday

June Newsletter Ideas For Day-Long Events In June

June Newsletter Ideas For Day-Long Events In June_

Now, there are so many observance days in June. So, we curated an important list of holidays and categorised them according to weeks to make everything simple and easier for your June newsletter ideas. 

June 1

On Global Parent’s Day, email marketers craft templates to appreciate the contribution of parents in our lives. Sharing your customer’s experiences with their parents, or sharing your own experiences is a great way to make the email newsletters more personal. 

Remember to say something nice about them as it is also Say Something Nice Day.

June 2

Athletic wear companies and sports brands take the spotlight on Global Running Day. The newsletters should contain inspiring stories about the best runners in the world, like Usain Bolt and Eluid Kipchoge. 

Sharing tips and tricks about improving running skills also makes for a fun newsletter. 

Tracksmith promotes its versatile running shorts during Global Running Day. The shorts are also comfortable enough to be worn on picnic outings. They have used a simple template and wisely used the whitespace to highlight their products. 

2_June 2


June 3

Sportswear brands can do the same on World Bicycle Day. Cycle companies should use this opportunity to brag about their best-performing products in their newsletters. Using egg-related puns and limericks on National Egg Day will make your newsletter eggcellent. 

June 4

For all the Fromage fans out there, June 4th is celebrated as World Cheese Day. FMCG brands and leading dairy brands showcase their best-selling products and include tidbits about cheese from around the world. 

The top donut fast-food chains duke it out in their subscriber’s inboxes on National Donut Day. 

June 5

On World Environment Day, share best practices with your subscribers to protect our environment. Sharing a list of NGOs also allows people to contribute to the cause. Lastly, make the email copy more attractive by entering colorful infographics. 

June 6

National Cancer Survivors Day offers the perfect opportunity for the brand to raise awareness about deadly diseases. Sharing stories about cancer survivors and creating a list of NGOs fighting the good cause is the way to go on this. 

National Gardening Exercise Day is perfect for online and local nurseries to share the best practices for maintaining your garden. 

June 7

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is always an exciting day. Share the best topping to pair with your chocolate ice cream scoops. 

June 7th is also celebrated as Prince’s Birthday. While you can still make newsletters covering the notable achievements of his life, this day is more suitable for radio companies and digital music brands. 

June 8

National Best Friends Day is perfect for people wanting to show appreciation for their friends who never left their side. 

On the other hand, World Oceans Day calls for newsletters outlining best practices for conserving our oceans and reducing water pollution.

June 9

Happiness is the richest thing you will ever own.” 

Believe it when we say that one of the most profound dialogues of our times was said by Donald Duck. Capitalize on Donald Duck by featuring quotes from him and compiling all the best Donald Duck moments. Refrain from directly using pictures of the character as it leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits from corporations owning the copyright. 

June 10

As the name suggests, National Iced Tea Day is all about celebrating the refreshing summer beverage. Restaurants, cafes, and food aggregator apps can create newsletters to rank the best iced teas they offer. Alternatively, pubs, bars, and online spirit retailers can promote the Long Island version of the drink.

June 11

National Corn on the Cob Day presents the perfect chance for email copywriters to get as corny as they can while crafting the newsletter. 

June 12

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day calls for email newsletters sharing the recipes to cook the most drool-worthy cookies.

June 13

This day is celebrated as National Sewing Machine Day. While witty email newsletters can be crafted for this day, marketers should avoid this observance day as it does not have any mass appeal. 

Of course, sewing machine manufacturing and retailing companies should definitely create dedicated marketing campaigns for this day. 

June 14

National Bourbon Day celebrates the anniversary of the first time the drink was distilled. Therefore, the email newsletter created for this day should cater to the preferences of spirit enthusiasts and Bourbon connoisseurs.

June 15

A few weeks before Nature Photography Day, ask your subscribers and patrons to submit their best nature photographs. Then, use the best pictures in the newsletter for this day. This way, email marketers don’t have to stress about creating content. 

June 16

National Fudge Day celebrates the mistake of the confectioner who overcooked the caramel to create fudge. You can say …he fudged it. 

June 17 

National Eat Your Vegetable Day perfectly aligns with the June theme about making newsletters for toddlers and teenagers who hate eating their greens. Share interesting veg recipes that even kids would find difficult to turn down. 

June 18

For International Picnic Day, share great ideas for themed picnics with your subscribers. Recommend picnic dishes and drinks to pair with them. Use plaid-colored and jute-textured backgrounds to turn your newsletters into a virtual picnic table. 

The day is also celebrated as International Panic Day, so it is better to avoid this one and go with the former. 

Creating promotional email newsletter campaigns for Father’s Day will definitely boost your click-through rates on this day. 

Zoe’s Kitchen shares email newsletters to promote family dinners that are perfect for picnics. The white text contrasts perfectly with the orange background. The hero image showcasing the scrumptious spread also adds to the aesthetics of the email newsletter. 

3_June 18_a


Fitbit, a fitness D2C company, has created a wholesome newsletter for Father’s Day. The hero image shows a dad carrying his daughter on his shoulders. The email template also contains a $50 off coupon to encourage the reader to get a Fitbit as a gift for their dads.

3_June 18_b


June 19

Juneteenth is one of the more significant holidays that commemorates the freedom of slaves from Galveston, Texas. Use your email newsletter to bring a spotlight on the leaders and freedom fighters from the past. 

As mentioned, Juneteenth celebrates the freedom of the slaves and empowers the black community. Skill Share interviews notable black artists for their Juneteenth email newsletter. They have used a colorful animated hero image which is followed by a bring green CTA button. 

Clicking on the CTA button the reader is redirected to a page hosting written conversation with the black artists. 

4_June 19


June 20 

National American Eagle Day is all about celebrating the sigil of freedom. 

June 21

Prepare an email newsletter filled with beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga poses with your patrons on International Yoga Day. If you are struggling with the curation process, reach out to your audience to share pictures of themselves doing yoga. User-generated content always gets more clicks as it builds a sense of community while providing social proof. 

Sonima Wellness explains the eight important limbs of yoga. This section is followed by multiple links to different pages covering everything from meditation to diet to keeping yourself healthy. 

5_June 21


June 22

National Onion Rings Day celebrates one of the quintessential side dishes for a perfect barbecue. 

June 23

National Hydration Day reminds people about how important it is for living. 

If you want to create a more inspiring newsletter, observing International Widow’s Day allows you to write about their lives. 

June 24

National Work From Home Day celebrates our beloved remote work culture. Newsletters for this day can share the best tips about working from home. For a more promotional email, marketers can include products to make remote work more fun and engaging.

June 25

Global Beatles Day commemorates the ideologies of the Beatles Band. Sharing their top songs and what those songs signify, should help you make an amazing newsletter. 

June 26

We have already celebrated with peanut butter cookies, chocolate ice cream, and fudge. So, why should chocolate pudding be left behind? 

Fill your email newsletter with the best recipes for creating chocolate pudding on National Chocolate Pudding Day

June 27

Use National PTSD Awareness Day to make people more about mental illness and how to treat people suffering from it. 

June 28

Celebrate International Body Piercing Day showing off body piercing and sharing their significance from cultures around the world. 

June 29

While Hug Day doesn’t necessarily have the potential to make the best newsletters, it is a good day to hug your loved ones. 

June 30

The final day of June might not be as appealing to dinosaurs, but it sure is a good one. International Asteroid Day enables the science community to share interesting details about some of the smaller asteroids that regularly enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Sharing the collision path of the upcoming asteroids is sure to spark some interest and get your subscribers to click on the CTA buttons. 

June Newsletter Ideas For Week-Long Events 

June Newsletter Ideas For Week-Long Events_

1) National Flag Week

National Flag Week calls on all American Citizens to celebrate the designers of the flag and honor what it stands for. The event is annually celebrated to recognize the anniversary of the Second Continental Congress passing the resolution to immortalize the flag. Every year, it starts on June 11th and is celebrated for a week.

Email marketers can dedicate a section in their newsletters to acknowledge the event. Or, they can create a dedicated email newsletter to honor the event. 

2) National Camping Week

National Camping Week has been celebrated every June for almost half a century. The purpose of this week is to motivate people to get into more outdoor activities. The camping campaign is specially designed for youth. 

The newsletter for the week should contain a list of the top campaign places to visit during the month. In addition, sharing details of camping best practices and gear should fetch higher open rates. 

3) Fishing Week

Similar to National Camping Week, Fishing Week opens the seas for aspiring fishermen. Use promotional emails to advertise fishing gears and baits for your maiden fishing voyage. 

4) Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week is all about encouraging the men in our lives to look after their health. Most email newsletter campaign covers exercises, working, diet, and even exercises to protect their mental health. 

Saba covers Men’s Health Week with great detail. They have interviewed Dougie Joseph, a notable personality, about issues with men that prevent them from achieving a fit lifestyle. Dougie hopes to plant a seed of motivation that helps men all around the world start actively working towards their fitness goals. 

6_Mens Health Week


June Newsletter Ideas For Month-Long Events

June Newsletter Ideas For Month-Long Events_

1) Pride Month

The entire month of June is dedicated to LGBTQ+ folks. The month celebrates their contribution to society and acknowledges their lifelong struggle. Corporations around the world participate in this movement to raise awareness and promote NGOs fighting for the cause.

Your email newsletters should reflect the same. Share stories about LGBTQ+ role models. Encourage people to own their identities. And, most importantly, be an ally. 

All the newsletter template during the pride month sports the pride rainbow. Yelp has approached its pride newsletter with a similar design. It spreads awareness about the LGBTQ+ community and suggests different methods to support the community. The CTA button included in the newsletter leads the reader to a page that lists businesses run by people from the community. 

7_Pride Month


2) National Candy Month

Started by National Confectioner’s Association, June is celebrated as National Candy Month. You are free to eat any kind of sugary treat you want. An email newsletter with the same things is sure to leave a sweet impact on your readers. Safe to say 9 out of 10 dentists are not very fond of this month. 


We hope you had fun while learning about different types of june newsletter ideas and remember, you do not have to create email newsletter campaigns for every single event to win the marketing arms race. Creating a few high-impact newsletters for relevance will do much more for your brand rather than doing everything all at once. Even then, it can be difficult to manage multiple email campaigns. Check our email campaign management services and dont hesitate to contact us.

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