Father’s Day Email Subject Lines & Examples

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 04-28-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

Ah, Father’s Day – the annual celebration that brings out the punny dad jokes, nostalgic photo albums, and sentimental musings from the most unexpected sources. As marketers, we know that capturing the essence of this holiday in a digital medium is no easy task. So how do you navigate the mix of humor, emotion, and appreciation with father’s day email that comes with honoring the father figures in our lives while still keeping your brand message intact and effective?

In this blog, we’re diving into the world of Father’s Day email marketing campaigns, sharing exemplary examples that strike the perfect balance between heartwarming and engaging. So let’s get started!

104 Father’s Day Email Subject Lines That Can Work For You!

Sentimental Father’s Day Email Subject Lines

  1. Celebrate Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
  2. To the World’s Best Dad, Happy Father’s Day!
  3. Your Dad Deserves the Best: Surprise Him Today!
  4. Cheers to the Man Who Taught Us Everything!
  5. Dad, You’re Our Hero – Happy Father’s Day
  6. Show Dad Your Love with These 10 Special Gifts
  7. A Father’s Love is Timeless: 10 Gift Ideas for Dad
  8. A Day to Remember: Celebrating Dad’s Love This Father’s Day!
  9. Father’s Day Magic: Make it a Day to Remember!
  10. Our Fathers, Our Mentors: Celebrate His Wisdom!
  11. For the Ultimate Super Dad: Happy Father’s Day!
  12. A Father’s Love: Celebrate with the Perfect Gift
  13. To the Man Who Holds Our Hearts: Happy Father’s Day!
  14. Father’s Day-The Perfect Day to Say ‘Thanks For Everything’!
  15. Show Dad He’s Your Hero This Father’s Day
  16. Dad Needs a Break: Gifts for the Hardworking Hero!

Humorous Father’s Day Subject Lines

  1. Father’s Day: Get Dad a Gift He Won’t Return!
  2. Keep Calm & Dad On: Gifts for Every Dad!
  3. The King of Dad Jokes Deserves a Treat!
  4. For the Dad Who Has Everything (Except This)!
  5. Dad’s Gift: Cooler Than His Cargo Shorts
  6. Dad’s Day: Upgrade His Wardrobe (and Jokes)
  7. Warning: Dad’s New Favorite Gift Inside!
  8. Father’s Day Gifts Better Than a New Tie!
  9. What Do You Call a Fake Noodle? An Impasta, Dad!
  10. Funny Father’s Day: Gifts to Make Your Dad Laugh Out Hard!
  11. Father’s Day Gifts: Who Says Socks Are Boring?
  12. Dad-Approved Gifts For This Father’s Day
  13. Don’t Let Dad Grill Alone This Father’s Day
  14. For the Dad Who Loves Puns (and Gifts)

Promotional Father’s Day Email Subject Lines

  1. Crazy Father’s Day Deals Inside: Don’t Miss Out!
  2. Father’s Day Sale: Up to 50% Off Gifts for Dad!
  3. Exclusive Father’s Day Offers: Shop Now and Save Big!
  4. 10 Limited Time Father’s Day Discounts Just For You!
  5. Last Chance: Father’s Day Sale Ends Tonight!
  6. Father’s Day Savings: Grab the Perfect Gift Now!
  7. Save Big on Gifts for Dad: Father’s Day Specials
  8. Celebrate Dad with Our Exclusive Father’s Day Sale!
  9. Father’s Day Flash Sale: 24 Hours Only!
  10. Unbelievable Collection Of ProductName Just For You!
  11. 10 Unbeatable Father’s Day Deals: Don’t Miss Out!
  12. Time’s Running Out For Father’s Day Offers. 12 Hours to Go!
  13. Save Big on Dad-Approved Gifts: Father’s Day Sale!
  14. Special Offer: Free Shipping On All Father’s Day Gifts Today
  15. Father’s Day BOGO: Buy One, Get One for Dad!
  16. Extra Savings for Father’s Day: Use Code DAD20

Personalized Father’s Day Subject Lines

  1. Hey [Name], Your Dad Will Love These Gifts!
  2. [Name], Your Dad’s One-of-a-Kind, So Are Our Gifts
  3. [Name], Grab These Custom Gifts for Dad
  4. Personalized Father’s Day Gifts Just for [Dad’s Name]
  5. [Name], Make Dad Smile with These Unique Gifts
  6. Hand-Picked Father’s Day Gifts for [Dad’s Name]
  7. Dad’s Wish List: Gifts He’ll Love, [Name]
  8. [Name], Get Dad a Gift That’s All About Him
  9. Custom Gifts for Dad: [Name], Don’t Miss Out
  10. [Name], Show Dad He’s One in a Million
  11. [Name], Celebrate Dad with These Exclusive Gifts
  12. [Name], This Father’s Day, Make It Personal
  13. [Dad’s Name] Deserves the Best: Shop Now
  14. [Name], Your Dad Will Love These Special Gifts
  15. [Name], Surprise Dad with a Gift Just for Him
  16. [Dad’s Name]’s Day: Make It Memorable, [Name]
  17. Personalized Father’s Day Gifts for [Dad’s Name]
  18. [Name], Make Father’s Day Unforgettable for Dad

Last-Minute Reminder Father’s Day Email Subject Lines

  1. Don’t Forget: Father’s Day Is Almost Here!
  2. Last Call: Order Dad’s Gift in Time for Father’s Day
  3. Father’s Day Countdown: Last 24 Hours for Timely Delivery!
  4. Running Out of Time? Shop Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts
  5. Tick Tock: Father’s Day Is Just Around the Corner
  6. Father’s Day Is Sunday: Don’t Miss Out On These Gifts!
  7. Time’s Almost Up: Grab These Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts
  8. Final Hours: Order Dad’s Gift Before It’s Too Late!
  9. Don’t Let Dad Down: Shop Last-Minute Gifts Today
  10. Procrastinators Rejoice: 10 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts
  11. Last-Minute Father’s Day Shopping? We’ve Got You Covered
  12. Hurry, Order Now to Make Dad’s Day Special!
  13. The Clock Is Ticking: Father’s Day Gifts Await
  14. Don’t Leave Dad Hanging: Order Today!
  15. Just in Time: 10 Last-Minute Gifts for Father’s Day

Product/Category Focused Father’s Day Email Subject Lines

  1. Tech Gadgets Dad Will Love This Father’s Day!
  2. Upgrade Dad’s Wardrobe: 10 Stylish Father’s Day Gifts
  3. Top Father’s Day Picks: 10 Bestselling Books for Dad
  4. Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 BBQ & Grilling Essentials
  5. Dad’s Home Office Makeover: Father’s Day Edition!
  6. Treat Dad to Relaxation: 10 Spa Day Gifts for Father’s Day
  7. Adventure Awaits: 10 Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads
  8. For the DIY Dad: 10 Tools & Gadgets for Father’s Day
  9. Father’s Day Sports Gifts: Make Dad’s Day a Home Run!
  10. Get Dad Cooking: 10 Father’s Day Kitchen Must-Haves!
  11. The Perfect Pour: 10 Father’s Day Gifts for Coffee Lovers
  12. Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Classy Golf Gear for Dad!
  13. A Toast to Dad: Father’s Day Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts
  14. Capture the Moment: Cameras & Gear for Father’s Day
  15. The Ultimate Father’s Day Gaming Gift Guide!
  16. Cruise into Father’s Day: 10 Gifts for the Biker Dad!
  17. Timeless Timepieces: 10 Watches for Father’s Day

Experience Gifts Father’s Day Subject Lines

  1. Father’s Day Experiences To Make Memories with Dad
  2. Create Lasting Memories This Father’s Day
  3. Dad’s Day Out: Book a Special Experience for Father’s Day
  4. Unforgettable Father’s Day: 10 Unique Experiences For Dad!
  5. Skip the Tie & Gift Dad an Experience This Father’s Day
  6. Make Father’s Day Memorable With Experiences Dad Will Love
  7. Share a Special Moment: Father’s Day Experience Ideas
  8. The Best Father’s Day Gift? Quality Time with Dad

30 Father’s Day Email Examples That Work!

It’s time to showcase your offerings and make this Father’s Day truly memorable for your audience. These 30 handpicked examples will capture your subscribers’ attention, tug at their heartstrings, tickle their funny bones, and, most importantly, encourage them to click, engage, and shop! Let’s dive in.

A Simple Wish From Jack Spade

A simple wish from Jack Spade


Staying true to their brand’s monotone design philosophy, this email from Jack Spade opts for a simple wish that connects with the reader. The copy is relatable and aims to evoke emotion while simply reminding the reader that the brand is just around the corner for every occasion.

Father’s Day gift guide from Kohler


A copy-heavy email example, Kohler opts to focus on the experience of their products here instead of going for the hard sell. By addressing the right detractors that readers might have (such as the cumbersome work of replacing a showerhead), the brand ensures that your father’s day marketing messages are not lost and there are tangible takeaways from the marketing campaigns.

Gift cards from Hestan


Hestan moves away from the stereotypes with this unique idea of gifting cookware for Father’s Day. The marketing message successfully targets a wider audience with gift cards of different values. The relatable tone, the warm color schemes, and the prominent product display enhance the overall appeal of the ad.

Father’s Day deals from Google Store


Google Store’s simple, well-designed email templates effectively highlight some of its best deals and savings as part of its Father’s Day promotions. The preview of upcoming products also gives readers a unique heads-up on what to expect. In addition, the catchy headline and good use of CTAs trigger urgency and encourage customers to act.

Limited inventory sale from Misc.Goods. Co.


This American-made premium lifestyle brand leverages Father’s Day to promote its limited inventory sale comprising varying discounts. From the email subject line to the tan background, the email reflects the modern, masculine aesthetic of the brand. The visual hierarchy, reader-friendly templates, and CTAs keep readers engaged.

Savings on Father’s Day Gift


Security systems brand Ring plays around the safety factor in the copy and visuals to promote its Father’s Day campaigns. The neat discounts, authentic tone, clear benefits, relevant visuals, and simple layout effectively captures the reader’s attention. The overall design subtly conveys a sense of trust and urgency, especially among last-minute shoppers.

Fitness for Father’s Day


With an empowering subject line, fitness brand Peloton digs deep into the Father’s Day spirit, engaging subscribers with the offer details in the header. The copy is the hero as it lists out different ways to engage with the brand. With visuals of noticeably different-aged ‘dads,’ the email campaign offers something for everyone.

Humor with a purpose


Fitvine’s email campaign for Father’s Day comprises a light-hearted joke built around the product, followed by the offer and a witty conclusion, all in a reader-friendly template. Of course, the product images are spaciously organized too. But, with gentle humor, the campaign distinctly contains recommendations so customers can make informed decisions.

Targeted Holiday Gift Guide


In its email campaign Moment Lens, curates the top Father’s Day gifts to make the search easier! While inspiring subscribers to shop early and rest easy, the personalized tone and well-planned layout facilitate a positive customer experience. The distinct CTAs, enable clear paths to purchase and are backed by creative visuals that draw attention to the featured items.

Unsubscribe campaign to stand out from the clutter


This path-breaking campaign by Fly by Jing invited audiences to unsubscribe if they felt overwhelmed by the seasonal emails. The mindful approach helped convert an expected negative into a positive by showing the brand’s concern for customers. By using the brand colors, the campaign managed to stay true to the brand’s core values.

Exclusive offer for Father’s Day


Premium wooden toy brand Candylab’s straightforward email ad appeals to dads who are into cars. With an exclusive deal on their iconic car models and pairing it with unique coffees, it offers the best of both worlds! In terms of email design and layout, it showcases the products clearly with precise messaging.

Gifts for all types of dads


Specialty retailer JCrew’s Father’s Day email campaign promotes its range for all types of dads – classic, casual, sporty, and more! The witty headlines for each section serve as a guide and help personalize the gift-shopping experience for all types of dads. The product display is also well organized, making browsing and shopping easy.

Shopping for grooming products made easy


Grooming brand Birchbox combines straightforward copy, aesthetic visuals, prominent CTAs, and an organized layout to create an email campaign ideally suited for Father’s Day. In addition, the headers direct readers to benefit from loyalty programs and other membership details. In sum, the email campaign makes shopping for grooming products easy and fun!

A legacy of celebrating fatherhood


Premium clothing brand Brooks Brothers have established its credentials as a company that honors and celebrates fatherhood since 18181. The muted colors in the campaign, visuals of father-children ties, and simple CTAs capture the essence of the occasion – encouraging customers to express their love and gratitude for fathers everywhere.

Personal styling as a unique gift


Personal styling brand Stitch Fix offers subscribers to treat their dads with personalized gifts. The email copy mentions the date to encourage customers to buy gifts quickly. This example is ideal for brands where visuals are vital in conveying the message. Moreover, busy recipients can easily understand the message, making it easy to engage.

Father’s Day Cards


This is a classic example of using technology to facilitate a traditional card exchange on Father’s Day. The simple copy targeting last-minute shoppers, the email purpose, the CTA at the top, and the high-quality imagery make this an example of an email campaign that’s to the point and values the reader’s time.

Gift guides for enhanced customer experience


Premium online marketplace Italic’s Father’s Day email is designed as a gift guide. The compelling ad headline is sure to capture customers’ attention. Likewise, the email features various products for every type of dad. The subtle color palette, clear product images, and concise messaging create an excellent customer shopping experience.

High-end gifts for Father’s Day


This sleek, stylish Father’s Day email campaign by battery electric car Lucid Air emphasizes a message of impactful gift-giving while leveraging an opportunity for product awareness and trial in the form of a fully refundable reservation. This email encourages target audiences to engage with the brand and make informed decisions.

For dads at the top of their game.

Nike’s creative email campaign leverages the sporting spirit of most dads to buy into their Father’s Day CTA. Blending light-hearted marketing copy with engaging visual and informational content, Nike caters to fathers’ online and offline shopping preferences. The simple visual hierarchy of the email makes it easy to understand and respond to.

Sweet treats to indulge your dad


Collin Street Bakers go into festive mode on Father’s Day, offering discounts with fun-filled featured sections in an email campaign. The bright colors, lively fonts, and images of delightful treats appeal are designed to trigger engagement. With CTAs that urge customers to take advantage of the discounts and special promotions, this campaign has the perfect Father’s Day vibe.

Personalized photobooks to show appreciation 


This campaign by Photobox, themed around Father’s Day, leverages a unique opportunity to showcase products that connect with the theme and contains suitable offers to maximize customer engagement. The easy-to-understand instructions facilitate product understanding. Likewise, the well-organized sections, helpful content, and CTAs make the email visually appealing and easy to follow.

Summer styles for Father’s Day


This campaign by Lord & Taylor combines two themes -summer and Father’s Day – in a visually compelling email to get readers to shop their collection. The email template’s fun, summery design with bright colors and a magazine-style layout effectively showcases the latest summer styles. The entire email is designed to be bright, informative, and inviting.

Weekend sale for Father’s Day


This weekend sale from swimwear brand Sunuva uses relatable visuals and a straightforward headline to grab the customers’ attention. The promotional code is eye-catching, and the campaign’s overall color scheme and layout capture the essence of summer, enticing readers to make the most of the limited-time offer.

Bundled offers to boost Father’s Day sales 

Premium personal care brand Hawthorne effectively pushes sales through bundled offers themed around Father’s Day. The email campaign features unique product packages for a personalized grooming experience. It also uses gaming to help readers decide the perfect gift for dad. The overall email template is sober, but the messaging is compelling and designed for maximum engagement.

Gifting made convenient


Online gift shop Prezzy Box uses lively graphics, colorful fonts, and minimum copy to attract users and offer a pleasant gift-shopping experience. Their Father’s Day email campaigns focus on the convenience of gifting using their platform. The email template lets users easily browse through the gift categories and make their choices.

Gifts to match your budget


Molton Brown’s Father’s Day email campaign catalogs a series of gift offers catering to various budgets. This makes it easier for sons and daughters to shop for meaningful gifts quickly. The friendly, helpful tone matches the content perfectly while using design, fonts, and layout to optimize the shopping experience.

Gifts that can never go wrong


This campaign by Cometeer, a coffee brand, has a unique headline. The direct message, distinct CTA, and helpful tips on using the product help to boost engagement rate and email click through rate. Overall, the minimalist messaging and straightforward design make an email easy to consume.

Digital gift cards


Wellness brand Prima offers subscribers a unique Father’s Day gift through digital gift cards. The campaign uses minimum copy, with information on how to use the digital gift cards. Furthermore, it upsells the card as a suitable gift for any occasion. The soft color palette and prominent CTAs, combined with a minimalistic design, encourage conversion.

Chocolates – a universal favorite


Chocolatier Thorntons’ unique email campaign for Father’s Day comprises a playful approach to Father’s Day gift. While the header clearly outlines the gifting options, the appealing images and copy draw in the reader with its conversational yet informative tone. 

Classics never go out of style


Wallet maker Pioneer showcases its industry insights to sell its products. The campaign revolves around an exclusive style and a special discount for this uniquely Father’s Day gifting option. The well-balanced layout and good images make for good-quality viewing. The message is simple, and the copy does not dramatize the offer, making it subtly appealing.


If you want to make this Father’s Day memorable for your customers, email marketing can be a powerful tool. The examples and helpful hints in this blog can help you implement an email marketing campaign that resonates with your subscribers and stands out from the competition.

However, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to an email marketing expert

We at InboxArmy have extensive experience in even the most niche email campaign management and can help you create a Father’s Day campaign that will captivate your target audience. So contact us today to get started!

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