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Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 21-06-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

With over 100+ expertly crafted pre-built Klaviyo email templates, Klaviyo is one of the most prominent email marketing platforms. While they are perfect for novice email marketers, experienced professionals might find these templates restrict their creativity. 

In such cases, brands can create custom email templates using HTML and CSS codes. These templates are built from scratch and perfectly align with the brand’s guidelines and design philosophy. 

We have compiled a list of custom HTML templates that we created for our clients. These designs cover holiday campaigns, nurturing, promotional, seasonal, brand building, and customer appreciation emails. 

Let’s have a closer look at these designs. 

SixThreeZero’s Carefully Crafted Email Campaigns 

Father’s Day Discount Promotion 

Father’s Day Discount Promotion 

SixThreeZero designs a well-rounded email for their Father’s Day campaign. To begin with, the email is concise and straightforward. They do not beat around the bush with their value proposition for the special day. The hero image shows a dad riding a bicycle, which aligns with their current promotion. 

SixThreeZero offers two discount codes for two different product lines. To make things easier, they have displayed the product photos under the email fold. The best part about the email is that all the CTA buttons below the fold carry a gradient color that makes the email look more appealing. 

High-Ticket Product Nurturing

Customers can not be expected to make impulsive purchases when it comes to premium goods and expensive products. Instead, the organization needs to nurture these leads and convince them to purchase their high-ticket products. SixThreeZero does it wonderfully with their lead-nurturing email. 

First, they showcase their product in the hero image itself. This klaviyo email template focuses on the features of these bicycles and how the user benefits from them. Lastly, the blue CTA button contrasts with the black-and-white background of the template.

Pre-Order Promotion 

Exclusivity and FOMO are a few of the major driving forces of high engagement rates in emails. SixThreeZero combines both of them in their pre-order email campaign template. To begin with, SixThreeZero mentions how these limited edition bikes can only be pre-ordered. Next, they have created a false sense of urgency to capitalize on the reader’s fear of missing out. 

To top it off, they offer an exclusive discount code to incentivize the subscriber to make the purchase. SixThreeZero goes on to display all the limited edition colors below the email fold. The background color also reflects the color of these limited-edition bicycles, making the reading experience more immersive. 

Nada’s (previously Grin) Sustainable Pitch Through Emails

Product Highlight Email 

Product Highlight Email 

Grin, now Nada, relies on its email campaigns to build product awareness. Above the email fold, Grin highlights the problem statement and mentions how it can be tackled. They immediately follow it up with an effective CTA. In the next section, they showcase the natural ingredients that are included in their product. It builds product awareness and positions itself as a healthier alternative compared to its competitors. 

In the final section, they cross-promote their other products, such as tongue scrappers and toothbrushes. 

Brand Building

Brand Building

Nada’s business values and long-term goals are all based on sustainability and environmentalism. On the occasion of World Oceans Day, Nada suggests that we can conserve our oceans by reducing plastic usage. Then, they immediately follow it up with their eco-friendly product range. The white email background with pops of azure blue makes the email maintain a clean look

Product Promotion Email 

Product Promotion Email

In this email, Nada directly markets their product. The major highlight of this klaviyo email template is their assorted toothpaste pack that contains three different flavors. They have also promoted their range of dental floss and toothpicks.

Each of their promoted products carries a picture and short description. The CTA buttons embedded below the product description redirect the readers to the webpage. In addition, they are promoting a social cause by offering a 15% discount to people donating $2 to Ukraine.

London Store’s Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal Discount Email 

Seasonal Discount Email

The London Store uses a summer-themed seasonal email to promote their t-shirts, beach towels, trousers, beachwear, waist bags, and more. Since it is a summer-themed email, the template is filled with summer colors, like blue, yellow, and orange. Additionally, the beach and the surfer in the hero image add to the summer vibe.

London Store also incentivizes its subscribers by offering an extra 15% discount coupon. The Polaroid frames to showcase their product makes their email look more summer appropriate. 

Pain Point/Seasonal Email 

Pain point email

London Store creates its monsoon email with a similar approach. They have used dark clouds, rain droplets, and an umbrella to represent the pain point during the season. Then, it positions its products as a solution to help people cope with the weather. And, of course, they have added a discount code to incentivize the customer. Overall, London Store managed to hit two birds with a single stone, addressing the pain point while also conforming to the seasonal theme. 

Orivet’s Cute Email Template 

Customer Loyalty Email

Customer Loyalty Email

Orivet uses an engaging and colorful email design to promote its loyalty program. They have used an animated image in the hero image to make their template look more amazing. The loyalty program promotes double points for its loyalty program members. But that’s not all. 

Orivet promotes its mobile app by including a small section in its email. Below that, they have included a customer testimonial as a social indicator of their stellar performance. In the very last section of their email, they also promote their referral program. 

Product Highlight Email

Product Highlight Email

Orivet’s product highlight email is truly a sight for sore eyes. The moment the reader opens the email, they are greeted by three utterly-cute furry friends. The email copy is concise and promptly describes the services offered by the company. 

The next section of this klaviyo email template highlights the product of the month. The other products and DNA testing kits are also promoted in the highlight section. Finally, they wrap the product highlight email by advertising their loyalty program.

Event Promotion Email

Event Promotion Email

Orivet promotes The Houston World Series of Dog Shows and also mentions their pop-up stand there. It offers a chance for the virtual subscribers to see the product in action. Furthermore, they are offering a whopping 50% discount for one of their services. 

The one-time discount code is time-limited and creates a false sense of urgency. They also introduce their genetics specialists, who will be present at the event. 

Steinel Ammunitions’ Rugged and Straightforward Email Designs

Customer Testimonial Email

Customer Testimonial Email

Instead of tooting its own horn, Steinel prefers to let its customer promote the brand. They have shared the top customer testimonials in their email to signal that they are indeed a trustworthy brand that deals with high-quality ammunition. After all, customer testimonials are the greatest form of social proof. 

Steinel highlights three glowing reviews for their 3 top products. Each of the product reviews also carries a “Shop Now” CTA button to make it easier for the subscribers to reach the product page. The black and wood-colored scheme represents the color of the gun’s barrel and handle. 

Restock Reminder Email

Restock Reminder Email-min

Back-in-stock emails are a great way of reminding old customers to refill their leads. Steinel keeps its restocking notification emails quite simply. The hero image carries the image of the 10mm bullets that have been restocked. In the same image, they have also added the guns that usually carry these rounds to make it easier for the user to identify their instruments. 

Similar to their previous email, Steinel has included customer reviews in this one as well. 

Promotional Email

Promotional Email-min

In their promotional email, Steinel informs the subscribers about the introduction of their Cowboy Loads. The email advertises their 44mm and 38mm special rounds in the same black and brown color scheme to maintain brand consistency. The hero image is also quirky as it shows a cowboy getting all excited for these new cowboy rounds. 

QuietKat’s Beautiful Gradient Emails

Customer Appreciation Email

Customer Appreciation Email

Appreciating customers for their continued support builds the brand’s relationship with your subscriber. Customer appreciation email also fosters brand loyalty and encourages customers to make repeat purchases. 

QuietKat thanks its subscribers for their continued support before offering updates about their expanding businesses. QuietKat also shares a list of resources to help new subscribers get into cycling. In addition, they have also promoted a few of its top-selling products that are appropriate for people just starting their cycling journey. 

Abandoned Cart Email 

Quietkat Abandoned Cart Email example

QuietKat follows all the best practices while crafting its cart abandoned email. First, they share the product image and its price to help the customers recall what was abandoned in the carts. Next, they have included a testimonial GIF that cycles through a few of the top reviews to build more trust with the customer. This is the highlight of their klaviyo email template that makes them stand out from the competitors. 

Apart from that, they also mention the perks of purchasing their cycles, such as a 30-day risk-free test ride policy, 0% financing, and sales support. 

QuietKat Welcome Email

QuietKat Welcome Email

QuietKat welcomes its new subscribers with a wonderfully designed email template. After thanking the customer for subscribing to their newsletter, they share some educational resources to help the new readers. Sharing their other social links also helps QuietKat build it following through its newsletters. 

PK Grills Holiday-themed Email Designs

4th of July Themed Email 

4th of July Themed Mail

American summers are all about barbecues and outdoor activities. And, when you add the 4th of July to the mix, it becomes a golden opportunity for grill companies to establish their presence in the market. PK Grills does the same with its Independence Day-theme sales emails

The email’s color palette does justice to the American event. Blue, red, and white colors dominate the template design. They are also offering hefty discounts on their product range. PK Grill has also shared a scrumptious recipe to reward the readers who scrolled till the end. 

Memorial Day Themed Email 

Memorial Day Themed Email

It is only natural for grill and smoker manufacturers to share recipes for special occasions. PK Grills shares a couple of delectable recipes for the upcoming Memorial Day celebration, along with a heavily discounted product line-up. 

Father’s Day-Themed Email

Father’s Day-Themed-mail

With a quirky caption and heavy discounts, PK Grills easily comes up with an incredibly well-designed Father’s Day email. The email also contains a recipe video which makes it more interactive and engaging than any of its other themed emails. Similar to its previous holiday-themed emails, PK Grills continues offering high discounts on its product. 

Whitehorse Colorful Email Designs

Labor Day-Themed Email 

Labor Day

Whitehorse promotes its flavourful vapes with amazing Labor Day-themed email templates. To start with, the hero image celebrates the American workers. The image is clad with the American flag and animated images of workers from different professions. Following the hero image, the readers can find the product images. Each product is accompanied by an individualized CTA button that leads the subscribers to a dedicated landing page. 

At the end of the email, Whitehorse Vapor has included a small teaser for their upcoming flavor line-up.

GIF Carousel Email

GIF Carousel Email

Whitehorse’s inventive GIF carousel cycles through all the available flavors. The email copy persuades the customer to try their flavors and devices. Whitehorse also incentivizes the readers by offering them free shipping of products on orders above $59. If we take a closer look, Whitehorse makes excellent use of white space to highlight its products and vibrantly colored CTA button. Overall, Whitehorse Vapor managed to create a simple yet effective Klaviyo email template. 

Personalized Product Recommendation. 

Personalized Product Recommendation.

Personalized product recommendation emails always have higher engagement and open rates. Whitehorse creates a highly impactful product recommendation email. They analyzed the customer’s past purchases and curated a bunch of products that would suit their taste. 

The email also looks very appealing, thanks to the color wheel arrangement. They also incentivize the subscriber by offering them free shipping. 

Falcon Strike Klaviyo Email Designs 

Informative Email 

Informative Email

In a similarly informative email, Falcon Strike explains trap shooting with great detail. They have linked an article in its CTA button. For this article, they interview Bruce Buck, an International Skeet and Sporting Champion, about the shooting game. 

Following the article, they promote multiple recoil pads from their product line-up. As you can see, they have managed to slyly insert a promotional pitch in an otherwise informative email. 

Falcon Newsletter

Falcon Newsletter

Falcon Newsletter continues to keep the subscribers updated about what’s going on in the Youth Shooting Sports community. They share a video describing the experience of one of their patrons and his son. 

The email is simple, effective, interactive, and engaging. The email is thorough and informative and not at all sales-y. Consequently, it creates a better reading experience for the email recipient. 

Holiday Themed Email 

Holiday Themed Email

Falcon Strike’s Independence-themed email is also a testimonial email. The email contains multiple testimonials from satisfied customers. And immediately after the testimonial, they plug in their recoil pad line-up. 


All the above email templates are designed using the HTML codes, and then uploaded to Klaviyo’s editor. Of course, if you are struggling to create effective Klaviyo email templates like these, you can always reach out to us. Our Klaviyo agency experts will guide you through all the processes. we’ll help you design one according to your brand guidelines.

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