SendInBlue Pricing Explained (Brevo): Which Plan is Right for You?

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 08-09-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

Brevo (formerly SendInBlue) is a popular email marketing platform offering fantastic features for small and medium businesses. It is easy to use, and the pricing plans are designed to be flexible enough for all kinds of companies. This article will explore Brevo’s pricing and discuss the right plan for you.

But first, let’s look at the top features.

What are Brevo’s (SendInBlue) main features?

Brevo has a lot of features to help you build long-lasting customer relationships.

Email Designing

Build professional newsletters in minutes: Brevo offers a user-friendly email designing tool to create professional and engaging newsletters. Whether you are an experienced designer or a beginner, you can get started right away without any coding skills.

In-built image editing: Integrated image editing feature allows you to easily crop, resize, and optimize your images right within the platform, ensuring that your emails always look professional.

Template Gallery: If you’re running short on time or need some inspiration, Brevo’s extensive template gallery is at your disposal. With pre-designed templates that can be customized to suit your brand and message, your email creation process just got much easier.

Automation, Personalization, and Segmentation

Welcome new contacts: Create customized welcome emails to greet new subscribers. This establishes an initial connection with your audience and sets the tone for future communication.

Personalize content based on behavior and interests: Group your subscribers based on their behavior and preferences. Allows for a more personalized approach in your marketing strategy, enhancing content relevance for each subscriber.

Smart Segmentation: Segment your audience based on their activity, such as email opens, link clicks, and purchase history. Also, leverage lead scoring to gauge their interest.

Win Back Emails: Losing subscribers from time to time is inevitable. With Brevo’s ‘win back emails‘ feature, you can reach out to these subscribers with tailored messages to re-engage and retain them in your list.

Marketing Assets

Sign-Up Forms: Customizable sign-up forms you can embed on your website, blog, or social media pages. These forms are on-brand, mobile-responsive, and paired with double opt-ins. Collect the right information and organically grow your mailing list.

Landing Pages: Create stunning, high-converting landing pages within minutes. Include engaging content, compelling call-to-action, and sync with Google Analytics to track traffic. Once done, preview and publish with your domain.

Facebook Ads: Reach a wider audience and attract potential subscribers with targeted Facebook ads. Choose your target audience, set the ad’s parameters, and design your ad. Then, track the effectiveness of your campaigns with Brevo’s robust analytics.

Streamlined Management

Meetings: Create your booking page with a few clicks. Set the meeting type and create the meeting link. You can place this link anywhere and monetize your meetings to get paid. Brevo lets to define no-show, cancellations, and late-show policies.

Custom deal pipelines: Customize your deal stages to align with your unique sales cycle. This accurately reflects the deal progression, providing an eagle-eyed overview of all opportunities. Prioritize effectively, strategize for maximum revenue, and save time with automation for routine tasks.

Email API: Achieve the best possible deliverability for urgent transactional emails. Brevo can handle 120,000 emails a minute. You can set up custom event tracking, process email replies with parsing webhooks, and analyze stats from deliverability reports.

Omnichannel Communication

SMS Marketing: Set up your SMS marketing campaigns in minutes. Segment your contacts based on various criteria such as location, personal preferences, and purchase history. Moreover, you can track SMS performance, gaining insights and tweaking them for improved results.

Whatsapp Campaigns: Create engaging Whatsapp campaigns within 1024 characters with relevant CTAs, emojis, videos, images, etc. You can directly manage all replies within Brevo itself. Create intelligent delivery workflows based on customer journeys.

Live Chat: Create and customize chat widgets and add them to your website in a few clicks. Keep a tab on customer updates with prompt notifications. Then, continue conversations long after they close their tabs with automatic CRM sync.

Sendinblue Pricing, Platforms, and Plans  

Brevo plans are divided into 4 platforms based on the capabilities you need. Here are the details of the plans you get under each platform.

Brevo Marketing Platform

If your main emphasis is on email, then it’s Marketing Platform is the perfect option. Sendinblue email marketing services offer all the tools and features needed to carry out effective email campaigns, making it a robust solution for achieving your email marketing goals.

Brevo Marketing Platform Plans Comparison Table

Features Free Plan Starter Plan Business Plan BrevoPlus Plan
Email Campaigns Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drag & Drop Editor and Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMS Marketing + Email & SMS Personalization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced templating language Yes Yes Yes Yes
WhatsApp Campaigns Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shared Inbox 1 inbox 1 inbox 1 inbox Customized
Daily sending limit 300 emails No limit No limit No limit
Brevo branding No option to remove Can be removed with a $12/month Add-on No branding No branding
Landing Page Builder No No Yes Yes
A/B Testing and Send Time Optimization No No Yes Yes
Transactional Emails Yes Yes Yes Yes
Core API features Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-time email statistics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom webhooks and log retention Yes Yes Yes Yes
Workflow editor and Page Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Limited to 2000 contacts Limited to 2000 contacts No limit No limit
Unlimited contacts & details Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Segmentation and Signup Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push Notifications 500 impressions 500 impressions 500 impressions included starting at 10k for $12 Customized
Facebook ads No No Yes Yes
Geography & device reporting No No Yes Yes
Heat Map Reporting No No Yes Yes
Advanced open & click stats No No Yes Yes
Plugins Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-user access No No Add-on Yes
GDPR Compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone and chat support No No Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Dedicated Account Manager No No No Yes
SSO & SAML No No No Yes
Service Level Agreement (SLA) No No No Yes

Brevo Marketing Platform Plans Details

Free Plan

The Free Plan is an excellent starting point, allowing you to delve into the workings of Brevo before fully committing. It gives access to basic features, such as Customizable email templates, a drag-and-drop editor, Transactional emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. But note that you only get access to 300 emails daily, even though there can be unlimited contacts. If you need more, upgrade to one of the following paid plans. However, Brevo branding will be included in this plan, and there’s no way to remove it.

Starter Plan

Starting at $25 per month, the Starter Plan is ideal for growing businesses. It offers all the features of the Free Plan, with some advanced ones like reporting & analytics and Email support. You also get access to 20k emails per month, and there is no daily sending limit and unlimited contacts. You even have the option of removing the Brevo branding. But it is an add-on for $12 per month. Marketing automation is limited to 2,000 contacts.

Monthly email volume (marketing & transactional) Starter Plan Price (monthly)
20,000 emails $25
40,000 emails $35
60,000 emails $49
100,000 emails $69
100,000+ emails Upgrade to Business Plan

Business Plan

The Business Plan is designed for marketing managers and eCommerce pros, priced from $65 per month. In addition to the Starter Plan features, it offers vital features like marketing automation, A/B testing, advanced statistics, multi-user access, send time optimization, and phone support. This plan is ideal for larger teams seeking to optimize email campaigns, gain deeper insights, and enhance collaboration. You don’t need an add-on to remove the Brevo branding, as it is already included. And there is no limit to the number of contacts in marketing automation. Multi-user access is available as an Add-on.

Monthly email volume (marketing & transactional) Business Plan Price (monthly)
20,000 emails $65
40,000 emails $75
60,000 emails $89
100,000 emails $129
150,000 emails $169
250,000 emails $239
350,000 emails $289
500,000 emails $399
750,000 emails $559
1,000,000 emails $669
1,000,000+ emails Upgrade to BrevoPlus Plan

BrevoPlus Plan

The BrevoPlus Plan is custom-priced and designed for large organizations with unique needs. It offers everything in the Business Plan, plus enterprise-grade security, advanced integrations, sub-account management, tailored onboarding, personalized support, and a flexible contract. Multi-user access is a standard feature, and a dedicated IP is available as an add-on. This plan perfectly matches larger organizations seeking a robust, scalable, and customizable email marketing solution with exceptional support and flexibility.

Which Brevo marketing plan is suitable for you?

The Starter Plan is ideal for small or one-person teams looking to start email marketing campaigns. The Business Plan is the perfect choice for larger teams seeking to optimize and gain deeper insights into their campaigns. While the BrevoPlus Plan is designed for large organizations with unique needs requiring a highly customizable and scalable solution.

To select the right plan for you, answering the following questions can be a good starting point:

  • What is the size of your email list?
  • How many people need access to the Brevo platform?
  • Do you require enterprise-grade security?
  • Do you need advanced integrations with third-party apps?
  • Is there an onboarding process that needs to be tailored to your organization’s specific needs?
  • Do you need personalized support from the Brevo team?
  • Are you looking for a flexible contract to meet your organization’s needs?
  • Is it essential for you to remove Brevo branding from your emails?

Once you have answered these questions, deciding which plan is perfect for your needs will be easier. Remember that you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan as and when needed.

Brevo Conversations Platform

Brevo Conversations Platform transcends the boundaries of traditional customer interaction, bringing all your conversations under one roof. Whether it’s a chatbot, live chat, Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, it lets you connect with customers on their preferred channels. You can manage and respond to all messages in one inbox, streamlining your communication and enhancing customer experience.

Brevo Conversation Platform Plans Comparison Table

Features Free Plan Pro Plan
Unlimited Simultaneous Conversations Yes Yes
Conversation History and Email Chat Transcripts Yes Yes
Read Receipts and Typing Indicators Yes Yes
Group Chats and Chat Ratings No Yes
Typing Insights and Visitor Banning No Yes
Online & offline chat widget Yes Yes
Number of mailboxes 1 Unlimited
Facebook Messenger + Instagram Direct + WhatsApp No Yes
Automation No Yes
Visitor intelligence No Yes
Reporting No Yes
iOS & Android mobile apps Yes Yes
Notifications and Chat Notes Yes Yes
Saved Replies No Yes
Invisible Mode No Yes
Opening Hours No Yes
Agent Groups No Yes
Calling features and statistics Yes Yes
One-time 300 credits for outbound calling Yes Yes
Meetings features Yes Yes
Multi-user access 1 seat 1 seat + €13 per additional seat
WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce Integrations Yes Yes
GDPR Compliance Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes
Phone and chat support No Yes

Brevo Conversation Platform Plans Details

Free Plan

A great way to discover Brevo at no cost. The plan is limited to one user but offers unlimited chats, a website chat widget, and complete access to conversation history. It also includes iOS and Android mobile apps for managing conversations on the go. To enhance functionality, third-party plugins are supported, and the inbox feature allows for email and live chat. It is ideal for individuals or small businesses looking to explore Brevo’s capabilities.

Pro Plan

This plan is designed to scale your real-time customer communication. Priced at $15 per user per month, it includes a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. It also consists of all features of the Free Plan, plus integration with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for broader reach. Includes a chatbot for automated responses and targeted messages, a visitors list with detailed information, and a reporting system with chat ratings. The form and lead-capture bot help streamline lead generation while saved replies enhance efficiency. It also has Brevo Phone support for quick assistance.

Which Brevo Conversations Plan is suitable for you?

Brevo offers the right plan for all kinds of businesses. If you’re an individual or a small business looking to get started with Brevo, the Free Plan is your best option. It gives you access to all basic features without any commitment.

For larger teams looking for deeper customizations and automation, the Pro Plan might be better suited. The ability to increase the number of user seats helps to ensure scalability, while instant integration with popular messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram opens up a whole new audience. Additionally, the reporting feature allows to evaluate customer experience and track engagement.

Brevo Sales Platform

Brevo’s Sales Platform is a game-changer for business acceleration. It aids seamless tracking of deals, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. With its sales pipeline, you can monitor the progress of deals, observe trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategy. You can also host digital meetings and collaborate seamlessly with teammates.

Brevo Sales Platform Plans Comparison Table

Features Free Plan Pro Plan
Unlimited contacts and companies Yes Yes
Activity timeline, Notes & files Yes Yes
Attributes management Yes Yes
Data import & export Yes Yes
APIs Yes Yes
Deal management Limited to 50 open deals Unlimited deals
Customizable pipelines Limited to 1 pipeline Unlimited pipelines
Customizable revenue estimation and deal cards Yes Yes
Advanced reports Yes Yes
Inbox synchronization 1 inbox for all users 1 inbox for all users
Inbox notifications and email signatures Yes Yes
Workflow editor Yes Yes
Sales Automation Limited to 2000 contacts Limited to 2000 contacts
Team productivity features Yes Yes
Brevo Meetings Yes Yes
Brevo Phone Add-on (1 phone number for all users) Add-on (1 phone number for all users)
Plugins and Zapier Connector Yes Yes
Customizable forms Yes Yes
Website/CMS integrations Yes Yes
GDPR Compliance Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes
Phone and chat support No Yes

Brevo Sales Platform Plans Details

Free Plan

A fantastic option to get started with at zero cost. It offers unlimited users and contacts, making it perfect for businesses of any size. The plan includes 50 open deals and a single deal pipeline to help manage your sales processes. In addition, task management features help you stay organized, while the meeting scheduling tool ensures that no critical meetings slip through the cracks.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is engineered to accelerate your sales growth. For $12 per user per month, it offers everything included in the Free plan and many additional features. This includes unlimited open deals and deal pipelines to manage your sales in the growth stage. The sales automation feature streamlines your processes, while advanced reporting provides actionable insights. Phone support is also readily available. Designed for businesses seeking to maximize their sales potential with robust and efficient tools.

Which Brevo Sales Plan is suitable for you?

Your choice of plan depends on the size and needs of your business. Small businesses or startups can get by just fine with the Free Plan, while growing companies may require additional features in the Pro plan.

Choose the Free plan if you:

  • Have a small business with at most 50 deals.
  • Need basic features such as task management, contact database, and meeting scheduling.
  • Don’t require additional sales automation or advanced analytic tools.

Choose the Pro plan if you:

  • Need more robust features like unlimited open deals and deal pipelines for greater scalability.
  • Require sales automation and advanced analytics for better insights.
  • Need access to phone support and personalized customer service.

Brevo Transactional Emails

Brevo also includes a dedicated platform to manage your transactional emails. This tool is invaluable for businesses that send high volumes of system-triggered emails, such as order confirmations, password resets, or user notifications. You can access features encompassing robust delivery infrastructure, detailed analytics, and advanced email template builders. You’ll only pay for what you send, providing scalability and flexibility to businesses of all sizes.

Top features of Brevo Transactional Emails

RESTful APIs, SMTP, webhooks

With Brevo Transactional Emails, integration is a breeze. With RESTful APIs, SMTP, and webhooks, you can quickly incorporate the platform into your existing systems. Plus, robust delivery infrastructure ensures your emails land in the inbox, not the spam folder.

Email tracking and analysis
It also has powerful email tracking and analysis that deliver robust, data-driven insights. You can monitor your email performance in real-time via open and click-through rates to bounces and spam complaints.

Dynamic templates
Brevo’s transactional emails also come with a dynamic drag-and-drop editor. This intuitive tool allows you to optimize your messages, ensuring that your emails are concise, impactful, and easy to digest.

Unlimited log retention
Each business has its data privacy requirements and policies. Hence, Brevo allows you to customize your log retention period to match your needs, giving you complete control over your data management practices.

Email support
Brevo Transactional Emails boasts a dedicated, approachable, and experienced customer care team available around the clock via email.

Brevo Transactional Emails Pricing Table

Number of Emails Price (per month)
300 emails/day Free
20,000 emails/month $15
40,000 emails/month $25
60,000 emails/month $39
100,000 emails/month $65
150,000 emails/month $95
250,000 emails/month $160
350,000 emails/month $220
500,000 emails/month $300
750,000 emails/month $450
1,000,000 emails/month $550
1,000,000+ emails/month Custom plan


Brevo (formerly known as SendInBlue) is one of the best email marketing tools. With multiple platforms under a single roof, you get more bang for your buck than many competitors. We hope this guide gave you a fair idea of the sendinblue pricing details and the plan that is apt for you. 

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